2017 Male 18 Inch Journey Phase One Application 

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Thank you so much for applying to the 18 Inch Journey!  We are so glad to hear from you!

The application process for the 18 Inch Journey is unlike most applications.  In this process, we are not looking for credentials or qualifications.  Instead, we’re looking for hungry and willing hearts, that know their need for the Father.  We’re looking for students who want to grow in who they are and who they are becoming.  

The application is divided into the following five sections:

Why the 18 Inch Journey 

Leadership & Authority 
Spiritual Life & Character 
Personal History

Plus two References

Your application requires two references in order to be complete and ready for processing.  The Reference Form is available in the link next to the application.  References are to be from 1) a spiritual leader or pastor involved in your life, and 2) a good friend.  Parents and significant others will not be accepted as references.  Your application will NOT be processed until we receive both reference forms.

We are considering the first 45 applicants for 16 available spaces and a waiting list.  Please keep this in mind as you fill out this application.  We have the delight of hearing the hearts and stories of young men and women from all over the world.  We are honored to hear yours.  

—18 Inch Journey Staff

General Information

We are not accepting female applications at this time.  

Current Address

Educational Experience:

Medical History
The 18 Inch Journey is a 60-day school of fast-paced, intentional living. This requires a lot of energy and a willingness to live and thrive in community life.

Why the 18 Inch Journey


We believe that everyone is creative since we are made in the image of The Creator.   Creativity is one of the core pillars of the 18 Inch Journey, because creativity quickly accesses the processes of your heart.  You do not have to be an artist to be accepted, but you do need to be willing to risk saying, “I am creative” and to exercise your God-given creativity.

Please respond to the following art piece with a free write response.  Please take your time and do not rush through this question.  Keep in mind, there are no right or wrong answers.  Simply respond in your own voice.


  1. Look at the painting, pause and look again.  

  2. Take some time and ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes.  
  3. Write a response to the piece in free write form. 
Creative Response

Leadership & Authority

Discipleship is at the heart of everything we do in the 18 Inch Journey.  We believe it is an essential component of living a healthy, sustainable life in following Jesus.  In saying yes to Phase One, you are inviting our leadership into your life. We take a very hands-on approach to leadership with our students, speaking truth in love, bringing loving correction, and calling out their greatness. 

Spiritual Life & Character

A core value of the 18 Inch Journey is that our neediness and dependency on God is a key to sustainable life.  We create a safe place for students to get honest with their hearts and the Lord.  Every heart has permission to be vulnerable and authentic.  Our desire is to empower students with understanding and tools for cultivating a lifestyle of wholeness and daily transformation by the love of God.


Please submit a 3 minute video so we can get to know you.

Please answer the following in your video:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Answer: Why do you need to take the 18 Inch Journey?
Keep the length between 2-3 minute.  Videos longer than 3 minutes will not be reviewed.

Record your video on a computer or iPhone and save the file to your computer.  We ask that you upload your video to Vimeo and save it as "private with password".  Then enter the link and password below.  

(See below for an example video)

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Personal History

The following questions are very personal and transparent.  First and foremost, we believe “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Rom 8:1)  We believe in the full power and redemption of the blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins.  We are all in various states in our walk with the Lord.  We want to be very clear about our expectation and standards for the culture that exists in the 18 Inch Journey.

The 18 Inch Journey is a discipleship school, not a ministry school or recovery ministry.  Should you be accepted, you would be inviting our leadership and authority into your life, and we are some of the kindest and most loving leaders.  There is no shame or condemnation from us.  The 18 Inch Journey requires your willingness to say “yes” and choose the Lord and our leadership in your life.  It’s necessary for 18 Inch Journey students to walk in a level of freedom and self-control before coming.  We are prepared to partner with you in your pursuit of the Lord, and it helps when you are already choosing Him before you come.  

We believe holiness is the inheritance we receive as beloved Children, not something we strive for to get approval from God.  With this in mind, the following questions will help us get an honest grid for your current state of freedom.  We do not allow smoking or drinking alcohol during the 18 Inch Journey in order to create a safe atmosphere for the heart process.  The legal age for drinking in the state of North Carolina is 21. Since we accept students below this age, we want to create an uncompromising situation for all students.  Also, we do not want there to be any space for distraction for students while taking the heart journey.

If you are in agreement with our expectations, then continue to fill out the application below.  Honest answers to these questions are mutually helpful in deciding if the 18 Inch Journey is a fit for you at this time.  Having had setbacks or struggles in these areas does not automatically disqualify you from being accepted as a student.

Answering yes to the following questions will NOT automatically exclude you from acceptance to the 18 Inch Journey.  

(ex: Once a week; 3 times a month; every other day, etc.)

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