Katie Creel

The 18 Inch Journey is...

learning about space. The spaces (rooms/compartments) we try to hide, where the Father wants to enter and transform by our invitation. The space (vastness/abundance) He holds and has for all of us, every need, every joy, every moment. The space (disconnect/distance) in which he bridges the gap between our head and our heart to believe Him. This journey is believing that He is always there, for us and with us in both reverence and intimacy. He is almighty and accessible. Spaciousness has never felt so near.

In my life today, I'm able to check myself, become aware again of my internal space in real time, and choose to engage Him. Using the Trip-In tools, journaling, painting and connection with my leaders are helping me sustain my travels with the Father in my every day life. I'm quicker to apologize and ask for help when I acknowledge Holy Spirit, He always nods me in the right direction. Landing in His voice is the deepest centering, and continuing creative rhythms like singing and painting are some of the sweetest tokens. I can see that He followed me when I left the farm.

- Katie Carlotta Creel

                      18 Inch Journey Phase II