The 2016 18 Inch Journey

2016 Application available march 1, 2016


September 3 through November 3


$3500 (includes food and lodging)
($15 application fee)


19 to 26 year olds (by September 3, 2016)
We do not accept married couples for Phase One


April 1, 2016
We are reviewing the first 60 female applicants and the first 60 male applicants to fully submit their applications.  We will close applications once we reach 60 applicants.

Before you apply

We are honored by your desire to pursue the 18 Inch Journey!  In the following explanation, we will communicate the vision of this year’s school.  We want to enable you to make a powerful and prayerful decision about whether or not the 18 Inch Journey is for you.  Please read the following vision before you apply.

18 Inches is the distance between your head and your heart, and The 18 Inch Journey is taking the journey beyond what you know about God in your head to truly knowing Him in your heart.  Proverbs 4:23 says, “Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life.”  During the 18 Inch Journey, we will teach you to steward your heart because the heart is essential to everything else you will do in your life.  We will teach you this through discipleship, creativity, worship, and community. 


Our hearts burn for discipleship because we’ve seen the fruit.  We’ve found that you can only grow so much on your own, until you need someone to speak to what you cannot see in your own life.  In saying yes to Phase One, you are inviting our leadership into your life.  As leaders, we are committed to your heart and prepared to go the distance for you.  It is our greatest privilege to invest our whole hearts to see you grow in your identity and relationship with the Lord.  This will look like speaking the truth in love, correction moments, and calling out your greatness.  We know that this will stretch you, but the reward is growth and sustainability.  We will equip you with tools to access the Holy Spirit for yourself and live a sustainable and whole life.


Every human being is made in the image of God.  Since God is a Creator, we believe creativity is essential to the identity of everyone, regardless of talent.  We find that engaging the creative process unlocks the heart and reveals what is happening internally.  This is a key to making the journey from the head to the heart and becoming a whole person.  In this school, we pursue creativity through art classes, writing prompts, and creative collectives.  Our goal is to empower you with confidence and permission to express your creativity for the rest of your life.


Worship is giving back to God what He first gave to us.  Living lives of creativity, rooted in love, give glory to the Father.  We cultivate worship as we learn to have eyes to see and hearts to know the Lord in any moment of life.  Everything we put our hands to is an opportunity for worship.  From creative collectives and art classes to cooking, gardening and chopping wood, every rhythm of your life can be an expression of wholeness. 


God is a Father and His Kingdom looks like family. We cannot love God without learning to love one another, so community is essential to growing in our faith.  We live in community because Christ is in each of us, and we experience the Kingdom of heaven when we fellowship with one another.  We spend a lot of time around the table, sharing meals and conversation, because we believe this time is just as valuable as moments of ministry or worship.  When you arrive to the 18 Inch Journey, you are stepping into an existing community that is cultivating relationship year round.  We know firsthand the challenges and rewards of choosing community, as it confronts independence and isolation and draws us into the life-giving gift of being known.  Conflict is the price we pay for intimacy and we believe it is a price worth paying.  Our goal is to empower you with tools for thriving relationships including healthy friendships, marriages, and families.  

For the 18 Inch Journey, we are looking for hungry and teachable hearts.  We’re looking for those who know their great need for Jesus.  We’re looking for people who are ready to fully engage Kingdom family and friendship with the Trinity.  Committing to a season of discipleship will take willingness to be challenged, stretched, fought for, and called into your identity as a child of God.  If this is what you desire, we welcome you to apply for the 18 Inch Journey.     

-The Core Staff of the 18 Inch Journey

To apply:

  1. Pay the application processing fee
  2. Fill out your application and submit it to us
  3. Have Two references fill out the reference form and submit it to us
  • You must be between 19 and 26 years old to apply
  • We do not accept married couples at this time

Thank you for your interest. We are no longer accepting female applicants. 


Click here to pay your $15 (non-refundable) application processing fee.  Please be sure to include the name of the applicant.