2017 18 Inch Journey: Phase Two



May 24 through November 16, 2017




18 Inch Journey Alumni from 2014 - 2016


February 1, 2017



So, you did the 18 Inch Journey and want to come back for more.  Great!  First off, we want you to know that we are honored by your desire to pursue a longer season here at the Farm. In the following explanation, we will aim to clearly communicate the direction, focus, and vision of this year’s school.  We want to enable you to make a powerful and prayerful decision about whether or not Phase Two is, in fact, for you.  Please read the following Pillars before you apply. While this phase is indeed a continuation of the 60 day school, the rhythm and pace of the six months from May to November are designed to be more sustainable and practically focused on everyday life in community.

What would it look like if your entire life was a work of art?  The six months of Phase Two are an invitation to cultivate a creative life fully-empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We desire for everyone in our community to be continually transformed into the image of Christ. This transformation happens in daily relationship with the Lord and with people. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” (Prov. 21:17) Our expectation is that you would come ready to engage community, knowing your need for Jesus and ready to ask for help. 

As a creative community, we understand the value of structure within Kingdom living. These are the core pillars of the 18 Inch Journey Phase Two:  Discipleship, Servant Leadership, Community and Creativity & Worship.

The Pillars

Why Discipleship?

Our hearts burn for discipleship because we’ve seen the fruit.  In saying yes to Phase two, you are inviting our leadership into your life.  As leaders, we are committed to your heart and prepared to go the distance for you.  It is our greatest privilege to invest our whole hearts into seeing you grow in your identity and relationship with the Lord.  This will look like loving correction and calling to your greatness.  We know that this will stretch you, but the reward is growth and sustainability. 

In Phase Two, you will join our existing community to learn from the battles we’ve fought and the victories we’ve won.  You will have the opportunity to glean from our stories with the Lord.  You will walk closely with leadership with more one-on-one access and concentrated time than during the Journey. We will continue to cultivate the head to heart tools and teach you to access the Holy Spirit for yourself and live a sustainable life.  

Why Servant Leadership?

Phase Two is an invitation into servant leadership. Jesus said, ‘I have not come to be served, but to serve’ (Matt. 20:28).  As a family, we have found serving to be the ballast that propels our dreams and desires.  This is the fast track to growth and promotion in the Kingdom.  Serving is how we gain authority in our own lives.  Our heart is to provide you with a healthy opportunity to serve a larger dream, love people, and in doing so, foster growth and maturity in your own life.  Leadership will flow through your choice to serve.

Practically, we will invite you into ownership through serving and caring for the 52 acres we all call home.  Our desire is to empower you with valuable life skills that you will use long after your season at the Farm.  This will range from farm work, time in the kitchen, community gardening, mowing and cleaning.   We want to impart the value of stewardship into your life.  

Why Community?

Phase Two is a steadier pace of daily rhythms, family meals and kingdom relationships. While each one of you will arrive with varying degrees of life experience, we ask that you come ready to engage in a family of adults.   

This is a deeper investment into relationship than Phase One. Over the six month span of this second phase, you will have the opportunity to build healthy and thriving friendships in Kingdom family. You will have the opportunity to live out what it means to “fight for one another in family.”  We cannot love God without learning to love one another. While healthy community living does not happen over night, we believe that it is worth the fight.  We believe that ‘conflict is the price we pay for intimacy’ and relationships gained in community are worth the cost.

Why Creativity & Worship?

We are made in the image of the Creator of the World.  We believe creativity is essential to the identity of everyone, regardless of talent.  Engaging the creative process unlocks the heart and reveals what is happening internally.  In Phase Two, you will engage in creative expression designed to awaken creative purpose, challenge false beliefs, and stretch your capacity.  In the safety of family this creates a healthy pressure that will cause you to lean into dependency on the Holy Spirit as you grow in confidence.  

Worship is giving back to God what He first gave to us.  Living lives of creativity, rooted in wholeness, give glory to the Father.  Everything we put our hands to is an opportunity for worship. From creative collectives and art classes to cooking, gardening and chopping wood, every rhythm of your life can be an expression of wholeness.


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