18 inch journey schools

Phase I

Wednesday, September 9 2017
Friday, November 9 2017

Applications: Available March 1 - March 15

Ages: 20 - 27 (singles only)

Tuition: $3500 - This tuition covers all food, lodging, supplies and classes.

Phase I is a school designed to help you go beyond what you know about God in your head to really knowing Him in your heart.  This school is built on the core pillars of creativity, community and worship.  We are looking for those who are ready to receive leadership, embrace community and let the Love of God redefine who they are. While Phase I is about encounter, it is also about equipping students with practical tools to walk out their relationship with God for the rest of their lives.  Our vision is to see sons and daughters confidently take up their identity and live a life inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

prepare to apply for the 2017 18 Inch Journey school


The application process for the 18 Inch Journey is unlike most applications.  In this process, we are not looking for credentials or qualifications.  Instead, we’re looking for hungry and willing hearts, that know their need for the Father.  We’re looking for students who want to grow in who they are and who they are becoming.  

A huge part of preparing to apply is to connect with the Father.  We encourage you to spend time with Him, engaging both His heart and your own.  Invite Him in; ask Him to help you walk through this application with Him.  He knows what you need in order to grow and thrive this year, and He knows the beautiful things He has in store for you.  Consider these questions:  What does my heart need in this season?  How do I want to grow this year?  Father, what do You want to do in My heart this year?  How do You want to meet me? 

Specific Details:

  • For the 2017 school, we will only review the first 45 male and first 45 female applicants with complete applications.  A complete application includes:  an application fee, written application, short video, and two references.  An application is not considered complete until all of these items are fully submitted.
  • Applications will be available on our website on March 1st and will close by March 15th, or once we’ve received 45 male and 45 female applications.  The 18 Inch Journey is a small school with a growing demand; these spaces will most likely fill up quickly.  
  • As part of the application, we ask for two references — one from a pastor/spiritual leader and one from a friend.  We recommend contacting your two references ahead of time to plan accordingly.  

Above all during this process, we encourage you to draw close to the Father, and be honest with your heart before Him.  Thank you for your interest in the 18 Inch Journey!




Wednesday, May 24 2017
Friday, November 16 2017

Applications: Available January 12 - February 1

Ages: 18 Inch Journey Alumni (Last 3 years)

Tuition: $7000 - This tuition covers all food, lodging, supplies and classes.

Vision:  Phase II is designed for students who have completed Phase I of the 18 Inch Journey and desire a longer season of discipleship.  In Phase II we will build off of concepts taught during Phase I and press into community, emotional health and sustainability.  This extended season gives students the opportunity to walk out the rhythms they learned in Phase I through six months of intentionality and leadership.  We are looking for hungry and humble hearts, ready to learn, serve and be led.  



Our schools are built on three core pillars: worship, creativity and community.  We have found that these three rhythms are essential to living a full life with the Holy Spirit.  These are not only core values of our schools, but also core values of our community.  We are pursuing these things together year-round and it has created deeper connection with the Trinity and with the people around us.  Our dream is that by inviting students into these rhythms, they will find their own hearts coming alive with the love of God.