Below are testimonies from our 18 Inch Journey school and retreat alumni.

“From the moment I pulled in, I felt welcomed - expected - even known, though I had not met anyone else before. Everyone immediately felt like family. I was blown away at how easy it was to immediately let down walls and defenses, and to realize there were walls in me that I never even knew existed. I knew that you had truly cultivated a community of safety, vulnerability, and authentic, Jesus-focused love. I feel that everything you did with us each day modeled the invitation of the Father. I did not feel pressured into doing anything. I was invited, and eager to answer the invitation.”

— Taylor, 18 Inch Journey Retreat

“The level of professionalism and excellence surrounded by love was unbelievable. God confirmed and revealed so many things to me I was astonished at times and almost in a state of laughter. I know God set me up for some incredible experiences through Him and the staff.”

— David H., 18 Inch Journey Retreat

“I really didn’t know what to expect. I just knew I was supposed to be there. I will forever remember my time there as the first place that I saw Jesus face to face. I have been a Christian for a while but I have never seen him like I encountered Him that weekend.”

— Misty, 18 Inch Journey Retreat

“Personally I feel peace like never before. In the past I would be stressed and not know why, but now I’m learning to carry His sweet presence in a new way. We were greatly impacted and wrecked in a good way. We will soon be beginning to disciple and steward our worship community in our home through our church family; and we know being at the retreat was pivotal for knowing how to pour and serve our own community with excellence while pursuing Gods presence together.”

— Renee, 18 Inch Journey Retreat