Core Pillars


Cultivating a lifestyle of worship is a key element in our schools and retreats.  When we have eyes to see the Father, worship overflows into everything we do.  Whether through music and art or the way we wash dishes and tend the land, worship is a natural response of gratitude.  When we begin to notice Him in the mundane, worship moves from an experience to a lifestyle.  Worship is the framework of the 18 Inch Journey and it is our desire that our worship would carry into the normal, everyday moments of our lives. 


We are made in the image of the Creator, therefore we are made to create.  In our schools, creativity is an exercise in identity.  We believe that creativity is an expression of who we are and we use creative rhythms to open up the process going on in our hearts.  We pick up a brush to paint, sing out a new melody or put our pen to paper to remember that we are sons and daughters.  The creative process is messy and vulnerable, but it is also an invitation into bravery and growth.  The 18 Inch Journey is a safe space to step out in new creative rhythms or to fall back in love with more familiar ones.  We are free to explore creativity without fear of failure when our identities are rooted in the Father who passionately loves us. 


We are not made to be alone; we are made for community.  The Trinity is a community of the Father, Spirit and Son that lives inside us.  We believe something is missing if we don’t do life with the people around us and learn to see the Jesus inside of them.  During the 18 Inch Journey, we experience God while sitting around a dinner table as much as we do in worship or teaching sessions.  Living in community is difficult and uncomfortable at times, but it is worth it.  We value fighting for the people around us and allowing them to do the same for us, this is how we come to a deeper understanding of our value and belonging.