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eighteen inch Journey Campus campaign

Our mission as the 18 Inch Journey is to see a generation empowered to live full, whole lives with the Trinity.

We have fulfilled this mission for the last decade with schools, retreats, and camps for all ages and over the past 5 years, our staff and schools have nearly doubled in size. Our vision for the 18 Inch Journey Campus Campaign is to develop our campus to support our growth as a ministry. Here you’ll find Goal 2 through Goal 5 of the 18 Inch Journey Campus Campaign, as well as the completed Goal 1. These represent our most immediate needs and will serve as the catalyst for fulfilling our long-term vision. We invite you to partner with us as we expand our campus and continue to grow the Kingdom of God. 


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one bunk can change the world

second goal : third cabin



This Cabin is the third of its kind and the next phase addition to our student and guest housing. Once built, it will allow us to increase the number of accepted applicants to our schools, camps and retreats. Long story short, more guests means more lives transformed by the empowering presence of God. A third cabin will give us more space for bunks, and each bunk represents a life changed. We believe that one bunk can change the world. 


GOal 3


FUNDS NEEDED: $125,000
Begins Early 2019

This building will serve three of our hands-on departments: Pottery, Woodworking and Shipping.  The Pottery Expansion will provide our rapidly growing ceramics department with the space they need to keep creating.  It will also make space for our potters in residence to comfortably teach our 18 Inch Journey students this craft.  This new studio will be able to accommodate more wheels for throwing and additional shelves for pieces in process.  

Secondly, the Storehouse will welcome our first ever official Woodworking Studio onto the land.  The Woodworking Studio will facilitate our desire to grow in the art of handmade wooden products and will create a platform for future 18 Inch Journey collectives!  

The Shipping Expansion is the last of the three departments that will be housed in the Storehouse.  Our online store is rapidly growing and our team now sends out product every day during the work week.  The Shipping Expansion will provide the storage and work space our team needs to continue sending out orders around the world!

GOal 4

worship barn

FUNDS NEEDED: $500,000
Begins 2019

The fourth goal of the Campus Campaign is to build a space specifically dedicated to worship. Worship has been a foundational pillar in growing the 18 Inch Journey from the beginning and is a powerful way we connect to the body of Christ all over the world. “No Longer Slaves” was born during worship at the 18 Inch Journey in 2012, and we believe that the Father has an endless supply of songs to give on this land! 

The Worship Barn will be the largest building on the 18 Inch Journey Campus. Tucked away in the quiet of the woods, the Worship Barn will allow us to easily gather our growing community during our peak discipleship seasons with the sole purpose of worship.  A space this size will open up countless creative opportunities for our ministry!

The Worship Barn will also be home to our Cageless Birds music studio.  While our current studio has served us in smaller recording projects, it is wedged right in the hub of our other creative studios, making it a loud space to work in and impractical for recording. The studio in the Worship Barn will feature a space specifically for tracking and recording, and is the next exciting step forward for the Cageless Birds music collective.


GOal 5

married couples lodge

FUNDS NEEDED: $250,000
Begins 2020

The fifth goal of the Campus Campaign is to build a lodge that can accommodate married couples.  As the 18 Inch Journey continues to grow, more and more married couples are requesting to participate, but we do not have proper housing for them.  Our current housing is limited to male and female bunkhouses. 

This apartment-style living space will allow us to consider couples for the school and will offer more space for married couples to stay together during our retreats. We project construction to begin in early 2020.  


completed projects

we completed our first goal - the 18 inch journey classroom

With your help we raised all the funds needed to finish our stunning new building just in time for our 2017 school! This building has been one of the biggest gifts and upgrades our school has ever received, and we are astonished by how huge of a help it’s been to our students and staff.

This building has revolutionized our school. It has given us the space we need to facilitate our teaching sessions and worship nights.  It’s taken the strain off the Farmhouse and made space for it to exclusively serve as our dining hall.  It’s given us another meeting place for small groups and collectives, provided counseling rooms for one on ones, and perhaps the biggest area it’s served us is in giving our students the space they need to engage visual creativity in Art Class.

The Art Barn has become the hub of the land. It’s where we’ve gone to the depths of worship and come back up for air with swing dancing parties and movie nights.  This space has marked our students’ lives as they’ve learned to pursue sustainability and build friendship with Jesus.  When they think back to their 18 Inch Journey, they’ll remember the Art Barn and the endless ways they encountered the Father there. You have changed their stories by your generosity, and you continue to change ours. Thank you for partnering with us and sowing into the dream of the 18 Inch Journey!


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