Completed projects

We launched the 18 Inch Journey Housing Campaign to raise support for building new cabins on our land.  In just thirty days, we raised enough funds to build two beautiful new cabins and an outdoor amphitheater!  These new cabins have already served the ministry by housing 18 Inch Journey and Phase Two students, as well as many camp and retreat attendees.  Each of these cabins features a spacious bathroom, ample storage space, a lofted seating area and a small back porch tucked right among the trees.  Our hope is that each person that stays in these cabins, whether for a few days or many months, would feel welcomed by extravagance and met by fond feelings of home.

The outdoor amphitheater has been an unexpected, extravagant gift and we could not have imagined how helpful it would be!  Our amphitheater has already hosted many worship gatherings and open mic nights throughout our schools.  We have used it for poetry readings, outdoor movie nights and countless other family gatherings.  Recently, the amphitheater hosted a magnificent wedding between two of our very own staff!  It has been a tremendous blessing, and having another space to gather as such a large community has been an incredible asset. 

We want to thank all of our supporters for so generously giving to this project.  Your donation is changing people’s lives as they encounter rest, belonging and extravagance through these new spaces.  We could not have done it without your help!