current projects

As our community has grown, we have continued to see a practical need to expand our meeting and living spaces. Our main meeting space, the Farmhouse, was originally built in 1987.  In 2012, we did an extensive expansion project that doubled the size of the Farmhouse in order to facilitate our growing 18 Inch Journey schools.  The Farmhouse functions as our teaching and worship space, our dining hall, as well as our office space.  It is home to our kitchen, our shipping office and is used by our staff year-round.  All of the main events during our schools and retreats take place in this building, yet it has been functioning with one single bathroom since it was built.  With our schools and retreats now regularly facilitating up to 80 people, having only one restroom makes bathroom breaks incredibly lengthy and daily schedules difficult to maintain. 

We are currently in the process of adding two new bathrooms to the side of the Farmhouse to help meet the practical needs of our students and retreat attendees!  Our goal is to complete this project before the 2016 18 Inch Journey begins in September in order to make transitions between meal and teaching times much easier.  This project will also make space for us to accommodate more students and attendees in the future.  

While we add the new restrooms, we are also adding an outdoor grill shed for our kitchen.  Our kitchen team regularly prepares meals for anywhere between 10 to 80 people.  This new outdoor grilling space will decrease the amount of traffic in the kitchen and increase much needed indoor space for preparing meals. 

We believe these projects are vital in moving forward with our schools and retreats.  These new additions will cost $35,000 in total and we are in need of your help to fulfill them!  If you are interested in sowing into the ministry, this is a great place to start!  To make a donation see the information below!  We are eternally grateful for your help and support.