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2018 18 Inch Journey: Phase one



2019 dates and application information coming soon.




Phase I is a 60 day heart-school devoted to the process of living a whole-hearted and Holy-Spirit empowered life.  We impart what it means to move beyond head knowledge about God and into truly experiencing Him in daily life.  Phase I primarily focuses on discipleship, creativity and community.

In considering your application, we are looking for individuals who are committed to do the work it takes to live and cultivate a whole-hearted life. We have created an environment for transformation that is rooted in the saving work of the Gospel. However, what you get out of it is entirely up to you. We cannot want your wholeness more than you want it! 

We are looking for applicants who are hungry and READY to do the work.






  • Impartation sessions with Jonathan and Melissa, the Cageless Birds and guest speakers

  • One-on-one counseling and discipleship with staff

  • To receive heart tools that empower students to cultivate healthy relationships with God and people

  • To practice breaking out of destructive patterns and unhealthy belief systems

Our expectations

  • A willingness to be confronted by leadership and receive feedback for growth

  • Humility and constant willingness to learn.

  • For you to come with a vision for your wholeness, we will not work harder than you

  • For you to come ready to practice vulnerability and trust with leadership

Community Living


  • To live in communal housing

  • To engage in consistent community meals that lay a foundation for connection and celebration

  • To learn basics of cleaning and tending the land learning ownership and value

  • To learn the beauty of healthy relational boundaries

  • To learn how to invest in healthy relationships

  • To practice powerful communication on a daily basis

Our EXPECTations

  • For you to enter into our existing culture of respect, gratitude, joy and healthy boundaries

  • For you to engage healthy relational boundaries

  • For you to give into the gift of beautiful friendships and reject patterns of isolation



  • Time Management and timeliness

  • Phase I to be a full-time commitment.

  • A full class schedule Monday through Saturday with homework and projects outside of class time.

Our EXPECTations

  • Flexibility

  • A strong work ethic

  • A willingness to initiate beyond what is scheduled or asked.

  • An understanding that you are submitting to a structured school and that it will require work outside of class.

Creative Rhythms 


  • 6 + hours a week of visual art classes that create a platform for every student to learn a new form of expression

  • 6 + hours a week of Collectives consisting of pottery, dark room photography, videography, voice and expression, dance, printmaking and music

  • to be S T R E T C H E D in creative rhythms

  • Access to studios and creative materials

  • Access + feedback from staff and teachers

  • Consistent writing exercises that develop your ability to communicate confidently

Our EXPECTations

  • A willingness to take risks everyday

  • A belief that creativity is an essential pillar to wholehearted living

  • A desire to move beyond doing the bare minimum and fully engage projects and assignments. “The key to discipline is desire”

  • For you to take advantage of the resources and materials provided so that you can pursue excellence.