2018 18 Inch Journey: Phase Two



May 15 through November 7, 2018




18 Inch Journey Alumni from 2014 - 2017


December 18, 2017




Phase II is our response as a ministry to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples. These 6 months are a deeper dive into all of the rhythms and values introduced during your Eighteen Inch Journey. In considering your application, we are looking for individuals who are committed to do the work it takes to live and cultivate a whole-hearted life. We have created an environment for transformation that is rooted in the saving work of the Gospel. However, what you get out of it is entirely up to you. We cannot want your wholeness more than you want it! 

We are looking for applicants who are hungry and READY to do the work.






  • Weekly One-on-Ones
  • Weekly Teaching + Impartation
  • Weekly Practice with Heart Tools
  • Weekly Creative Rhythms
  • Sessions on sexual wholeness and purity
  • Learning to study the Word 

Our expectations

  • Humility and constant willingness to learn.
  • For you to come with a vision for your wholeness, we will not work harder than you
  • For you to come ready to practice vulnerability and trust with leadership
  • For you to come ready to receive correction and feedback
  • That you are practicing the heart tools (reflective prayer / trip-in) regularly, leading up to and all throughout the school.

Community Living


  • To live in communal housing similar to Phase I
  • To engage in the rhythms of family during meals
  • To learn basics of cooking and food preparation
  • To learn the beauty of healthy relational boundaries
  • To learn how to invest in healthy relationships
  • To practice powerful communication on a daily basis

Our EXPECTations

  • For you to be flexible in your living arrangement (in camps and schools, Phase II students frequently rotate living spaces)
  • For you to engage healthy relational boundaries
  • For you to give into the gift of beautiful friendships and reject patterns of isolation



  • Phase II to be a full-time commitment.
  • A full class schedule Monday through Friday with homework and projects outside of class time.
  • To have free time on many nights and weekends.
  • The schedule to shift as we weave in and out of camps, community gatherings, ministry events, and into the 60 day school.

Our EXPECTations

  •   Flexibility
  •   A strong work ethic
  •   A willingness to initiate beyond what is scheduled or asked.
  •   An understanding that you are submitting to a structured school and that it will require work outside of class.

Creative Rhythms 


  • 3 + hours a week of Art Class
  • 2 + hours a week of Music Class
  • 6 + hours a week of Collectives
  • to be S T R E T C H E D in creative rhythms
  • Access to studios and creative materials
  • Access + feedback from staff and teachers

Our EXPECTations

  • A willingness to take risks everyday
  • A belief that creativity is an essential pillar to wholehearted living
  • A desire to move beyond doing the bare minimum and fully engage projects and assignments. “The key to discipline is desire”
  • For you to take advantage of the resources and materials provided so that you can pursue excellence. 

Servant Leadership


Part 1 : May - August 


  • To learn the value of stewardship & ownership
  • Kitchen Prep 
  • Cleaning & Maintaining the buildings and grounds
  • Tending the Community Garden
  • Daily upkeep of Personal Spaces
  • Life Skills

Part 2 : August - November
(60 day school) 

  • To learn the value of serving others 
  • Preparation of meals and daily meal clean up
  • Assisting collective leaders
  • Leading work crews during Farm Cleaning blocks
  • Set up & Restoration of spaces for all school events

Our EXPECTations

  • A willingness to lay down your life for something bigger than yourself
  • For you to show up for all sessions ready to engage
  • A submission to authority that leads to growth 
  • A desire to serve your leaders and fellow students with a joyful heart

Please consider whether these expectations match with your desire to apply for the 2018 Phase Two School.

Applications closed