Dates : April 24 - 28, 2019
Ages : 28 and over
Cost : $800 - Covers Lodging, Food, Supplies & Classes
Applications Open : January 16, 11:00 am EST
Applications Close : January 23, or until we reach 60 applications

Vision :  
We believe that God wants to fill every part of our lives and be present as a Friend, Father and Helper. Our 18 Inch Journey Retreat creates a space for adults to be equipped to live out every day connected to Jesus and embrace wholehearted living. Hosted over four days in the woods of Sophia, NC, this retreat is a concentrated version of our discipleship school, the 18 Inch Journey. This extended weekend is focused on going beyond what you know about God in your head to really knowing Him in your heart. Core themes include building and sustaining God-centered belief systems, creativity, journaling God's voice, emotional health and brave communication. Led by Jonathan and Melissa Helser and the Cageless Birds, this retreat will expand the possibilities of what your daily relationship with God can look like.


Dates : March 29 at 4pm - March 31 at 10am, 2019
Ages : 20 - 30
Cost : $200 - Covers Lodging, Food, Supplies & Classes
Applications Open : January 28 at 5:00pm EST
Applications Close : February 4 at 4:00pm EST or until 50 applications

Vision :  
You have what it takes and you don’t have to fight alone.  Step out of the shame of performance and into the daily adventure of walking with the Father. The True Son Men’s Retreat is for men ages 20-30 who are ready to take a risk and reclaim their true identity.  Two days focused on encounter and connection, this weekend is an opportunity to step out of isolation and into the company of brotherhood. This retreat is led by Chris Miller, Joel Case, JD Gravitt and Jake Stevens of the Cageless Birds. This March, come and take your place among men.