Applications Available : Closed for 2019
Dates : Tuesday, Sept 3 - Wednesday, Nov 13
Cost : $4,500
Ages : 20 - 29

Vision : Phase One is a discipleship school devoted to the process of living a wholehearted and Holy-Spirit empowered life. We impart what it means to move beyond head knowledge about God into truly experiencing Him in daily life. Phase One primarily focuses on discipleship, creativity and community.


Applications Available : Closed for 2019
Dates : May 30 - November 20, 2019
Cost : $7,500
Ages : 18 Inch Journey Alumni (2016-2018)

Vision : Phase Two is an extended six-month season of life-on-life discipleship and servant leadership training, open exclusively to alumni of the 18 Inch Journey.  The first half of the school is a deeper dive into the rhythms and values introduced during Phase One. The second half is dedicated to servant leadership and walking out what Jesus modeled as the students are empowered to help assist in the daily, practical needs of the 18 Inch Journey : Phase One.