Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can Married couples apply?

One of our greatest desires is to one day host married couples that are interested in taking the heart journey together during the fall.  Currently, our housing facilities aren't equipped to accommodate married couples, so we are not able to accept married couples for the school.  However, we are a community who truly loves Love and celebrates beautiful marriages!  Having married couples for the 18 Inch Journey is one of our biggest dreams.  

Our staff is consistently praying and talking with the Father about how this dream can become a reality.  We are currently in the process of raising money for new housing facilities to host more staff and students during our 18 Inch Journey and Second Phase schools, with the hope that we can continue expanding our dream and host married couples here as well!  

If you are interested in partnering with us to support this dream, please click here for further information about our building expansion projects and the progress!

2) Why is the age limit 20-29?

The 18 Inch Journey grew out of summers of Creative Worship Camps for high school and college age students that Jonathan and Melissa used to host here on the grounds of A Place for the Heart. It soon morphed and changed into a longer, more intentional school of the heart that lasts for a full 70 days.

Our staff has spent many hours in meetings and prayer over the age range for our 18 Inch Journey students, and we believe that 20 to 29 year old's are the range that the Father has entrusted to us for this season of the school.  We believe that students at 20 to 29 have enough life experience to know their own heart.  Also this age range is a great reflection on the current ages of the staff.

We are consistently seeking the heart of the Father for future 18 Inch Journeys and how to grow and expand.  As our staff continues to mature, get married and start their own families and our facilities continue to patiently grow and expand, we believe that the Father's dreams for the 18 Inch Journey will also grow and expand as well.

3) I am interested in seeing the school and how it works.  Can I come visit the grounds and observe the school?

The 18 Inch Journey is a 70-day intensive school of the heart.  Our school rhythms are quite fast-paced and the days are very full.  Because of the short amount of time and how deep we go into the hearts of the students through discipleship, we don't open the grounds of A Place for the Heart to outside visitors.  This is primarily to honor the space of safety and trust that we are cultivating with the students for those two months.

4) Why does someone normally apply to the 18 Inch Journey and do I have to be really creative in order to apply?

The 18 Inch Journey is a school for the heart, meaning it is a school that teaches students how to cultivate a life rooted in their identity as adopted sons and daughters of God.  It is for students ages 20-29 who have a desire to set aside the knowledge of God they have in their heads in order to deeply encounter Him in their hearts as Father, Savior and Friend.  They come hungry, with a desire to grow, change, and mature into beloved sons and daughters of the Father as they learn how to walk-out the Gospel in their day-to-day lives.  They come with a desire to receive and cultivate the life of wholeness that Jesus died and rose again to give to them.  

This school is definitely NOT just for artistic people either!  Anyone can do the school because it is not a music/arts school that is based on how well you can perform to either get in or stay in.  Art, music, worship, creativity and community are just a few of the beautiful rhythms we use to get into our hearts with the Lord.  They are rhythms that help us walk-out our wholeness, but they are not WHO we are.  

We have had so many different people apply and attend the 18 Inch Journey over these past seven years, students from all over the world... ranging from those enrolled in college or those who have years of ministry experience to students who have never written a song or painted a picture before in their whole lives.  Wherever they are from and whatever they have done, their desire is still the very same:  JESUS.  They come for Jesus, they stay for Jesus, and they leave with Jesus!